Luxury rooms for trainings, meetings
co-working office

Training center in Buda, co-working offices, meeting rooms for home office workers at the time of the epidemic

Elegant, homely environment - for effective intellectual work? Yes, it is possible with us!

Meet your clients, immerse yourself in your tasks, brainstorm with your colleagues or educate your students in a frequented part of Buda!

Bimbó 5 Studió - where your imagination blossoms.

We would like to support the success of your company with our carefully designed and sophisticated training and meeting rooms. Our rooms can be rented to hold courses, conduct negotiations. In our co-working room, in addition to calm working conditions, we also provide a reception service and printing facilities.

We provide online access to our courses and meetings, and our goal is to support the high quality of presentations with the right technology. Each of our halls has a different atmosphere so that we can offer a diverse selection of rooms for those interested. Our rooms are also suitable for holding various evening events.

“Demand, attention, homeliness, elegance. These words come to mind when I enter Bimbó 5. Everything down to the smallest detail tells the visitors that the dreamers of the place wish to create the perfect environment for the occasion - be it a business meeting, a language class or a group event. If a venue can provide support for quality and attentive meetings, this is it.”

Érsek Dóri