Course details:

  • Program leader: Tünde Kovács (
  • Location: BIMBÓ 5 Education Studio - 1022 Budapest, Bimbó út 5., 1. em. 1.
  • Training time: 2x3 days + exam
  • Duration: 9-16 hours

Modules, dates:

  • Module 1: Training: creating and developing a sales team and operation of it
  • Module 2: Training: motivate the employees
  • Module 3: Training: Techniques of team leadership

The training ends with an exam, fulfilment is confirmed/certified by a diploma.


Module 1. Creating and developing a sales team and operating it

  • Tasks of the management
  • Hiring a staff member,
  • Preparing a new employee,
  • Goal orientation,
  • Individual and group motivation,
  • measuring and evaluation of achievements
  • Incentives, remuneration

Module 2: Motivate the employees

  • Individual measuring and evaluation of achievements within a team,
  • Development of achievements as a result of motivation,
  • What determines the effectiveness of colleagues,
  • Forecasting the expected profitability,
  • Acquiring the right leadership attitude to maintain motivation
  • Motivational strategies as a function of personality;
  • Meeting individual and staffing needs according to exchange theory;
  • Organizational culture in motivation;
  • What types of financial opportunities can we encourage, their role and impact on employees;
  • Design and role of a performance-enhancing system influencing the effectiveness of the project

Module 3: Techniques of team leadership

  • Increaseing efficiency by teamwork
  • Formation of teamwork
  • Creating, organizing and managing of the teamwork
  • What makes a group a team
  • How can you build team spirit and how can you maintain it

Why choose you us?

  • We work with experienced trainers
  • We strive to transfer practical knowledge that you can really harness
  • We believe in networking,and in the power of community
  • Staff training is essential for effective crisis management and company development
  • We provide ideal conditions where imagination can flourish
  • You can also request a free consultation on the training

Participation fee: 288,000 HUF / person + VAT, which includes teaching aids.


BIMBÓ 5 Education Studio
H-1022 Budapest, Bimbó út 5., 1. em. 1.
Phone: +36 30 688-7040


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