Course details:

  • Program leader: Tünde Kovács (
  • Location: BIMBÓ 5 Education Studio - 1022 Budapest, Bimbó út 5., 1. em. 1.
  • Training time: 2 days + exam
  • Duration: 9-16 hours/day


  • Teamwork as a tool to improve efficiency
  • How does teamwork develop?
  • How can you organize and manage the teamwork
  • What are the factors that make a group as a team?
  • How can you build team spirit and how can you maintain it
  • What can be the driving and braking forces of cooperation,
  • Where is and what is the leader's place in the team,
  • The role of individuals in the team,
  • How do we solve problems that occur during the teamwork?
  • What does the achievements of a team depend on?


  • You can form a team from a group using the methods you have learned.
  • You will know how to lead and motivate the team- members,
  • With the help of this knowledge, you can significantly improve the operation and efficiency of your team.

Participation fee: 128,000 HUF / person + VAT, which includes teaching aids.


BIMBÓ 5 Education Studio
H-1022 Budapest, Bimbó út 5., 1. em. 1.
Phone: +36 30 688-7040


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